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The Film That Blew My Mind is a project of John Cooper, Tabitha Jackson, and Jessica Buzzard.

Co-host John Cooper was a member of the Sundance Film Festival programming team for 30 years. Beginning as a programmer, he became Director of Programming in 2003 and was named festival director in 2010.

From 2010 to 2020 he oversaw all aspects of the annual Sundance Film Festival in addition to expanding ventures to Sundance Film Festival: London and Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong.

Other work includes guest curator and juror at major festivals around the world.   From 1995-1998 Cooper also served as director of Outfest held annually in Los Angeles. In 2020 he was accepted into the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Co-host Tabitha Jackson is a lover of film and filmmakers, and the first woman appointed director of the Sundance Film Festival.  Previous jobs include director, producer, writer and chicken-sexer. She has an unshakeable belief in the arts as a public good, and a passion for independent nonfiction film.

In a brief but glorious spell as director of the Sundance Film Festival she oversaw two technologically innovative and radically accessible pandemic editions which expanded the possibilities of what a film festival can be and who it can be for. Prior to that she led the Documentary Film Program at the Sundance Institute for almost 8 years. Throughout her career in film, the arts and public broadcasting (at the BBC and Film4/Channel 4 in the UK) she has been committed to supporting independent voices, championing the social and cultural power of artful cinema, and furthering the mission of uplifting a more expansive set of makers and forms.

Executive Producer Jessica Buzzard is a consultant, writer, and media maker focused on film, arts, and culture. She has led brand and marketing for Sundance Institute, Geffen Playhouse, Oklahoma Arts Institute, and began her career with the Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago.

Podcast Producing Partners: Goat Rodeo; Executive Producers are Ian Enright and Megan Nadolski; Creative producers are Max Johnston, Isabelle Kerby-McGowan, Rebecca Seidel, and Jay Venables. Engineering and mixing by Rebecca Seidel.

Podcast intro music by Wayne Jones.

Publicity by Stephen Raphael of Required Viewing.

Graphics by Lee Fenyves.

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